Creativity Technology

These two words are our passion. Individually they are valuable tools, but in the right combination, they will power the engine that drives your company to success.

Let SG Labs's creative technology solutions energize your brand. Whether exclusively licensing and re-branding one of our many unique inventions, designing a new concept from scratch or spicing up a stagnant product with a new technological spin, SG Labs can serve every need of your team.

Our solutions are marketed primarily to toy companies, advertising and marketing agencies, original equipment manufacturers, consumer goods producers, and occasionally direct to consumers. In addition to straight B2B sales and licensing, we offer a full suite of design and production management services. From initial concept, through design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, certification and delivery, we can provide it all.

SG Labs has established partnerships with some of the top overseas production facilities, international freight forwarders and customs brokers to bring you turnkey products at highly competitive costs. From a single prototype to millions of units and beyond, SG Labs continually delivers innovative products on time, and on budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the custom solutions SG Labs can offer your company.

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